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Given the heritage of our students and their families, Sui Wah School devotes a great deal of effort to teaching Chinese culture.

Classic myths, hands-on activities, traditional Chinese arts and crafts, games, Chinese calligraphy, are used to stimulate an understanding and appreciation of Chinese customs and traditions.


A variety of competition such as calligraphy, greeting card design, drawing about various festivals, Chinese chess, nursery rhyme recitation and story telling competitions are held annually at the school.

By participating in these contests, students are able to broaden the knowledge of our language and culture.


Field trips outside the school are planned for various occasions. Parent volunteers will be asked to help drive and to escort the student at these special events.


The Sui Wah School t-shirt and covered shoes are required on school days. No slippers are allowed.


Sui Wah School provides snacks to students during the period break. However, students must bring their drinks.

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