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Beginning Level

3-9 years old

Three grades

In our Beginning level, we emphasize our students' vocabulary development, primarily their speaking and listening comprehension skills; however, even in the first year we supplement our lessons with character recognition and writing.


Topics related to daily life are an essential part of this curriculum. For this age level our approach is "learning through playing" and so stories, crafts, nursery rhymes and songs, games, competitions, and rewards are an integral part of our lesson plans.


We also include videos and power point presentations to capture our young children's imagination.


Additionally, a "toy time" is inserted during the morning to vary the class routine.


Homework assignments, including the recording of nursery rhymes and conversations, are assigned weekly.

Mandarin is introduced from the second semester of the first year.  Teaching basic conversation.

Intermediate Level

10-14 years old

Three grades

In our Intermediate Level, we rely more on textbook learning.


For greater conversational development we focus on pronunciation accuracy, vocabulary expansion, sentence structure building, and translation.


Our students are required to recognize characters, memorize lessons, and write down dictation from the teacher. More exercises and supplementary materials are given to our students to enhance their proficiency.


In addition, we use nursery rhymes, poems, language games, and contests to keep the lessons interesting.


Our objective at these levels is to build up a solid foundation in Cantonese ability, especially for use in daily life.


During the second year of the Advanced Level, our student also learns Chinese brush calligraphy.

We offer four hours of Mandarin in each 12 hour cycle in this level.  Daily conversation and Pinyin romanization in stressed on.

Homework assignments, including the recording of nursery rhymes and conversations, are assigned weekly.

Advanced Level

15-18 years old

Three grades

The Advanced Level includes Grade 1 through 6 in advanced conversation, listening comprehension, reading, and writing.


Subjects focus on everyday life experiences and Chinese culture. Conversation exercises are an essential component of our lessons; our objective is that our students by the time they graduate are able to speak Chinese with confidence, express themselves fully and effectively.


Students are required to recognize characters, memorize lessons, and write down dictation from the teacher. In the upper grades, the simplified form of Chinese characters is also taught along with the traditional form.


Essays of various types of writings are used to enrich our students’ appreciation of the nuance of the Chinese language. We also include translation exercises, both oral and written, to strengthen their language appreciation abilities.


At this level, we offer four hours of Mandarin in each 12-hour cycle. Using the pinyin Romanization, we emphasize daily conversation, language usage, poems, and songs.

Homework assignments of different subjects, including the recording of conversations, are assigned weekly.



Students aged 3 to 17 years of age may apply for admission.

***Our youngest children must be toilet trained***


Language Ability:

Knowledge of Chinese is not a prerequisite; we only require a student's willingness to learn.





Our annual tuition is $ 750 payable in equal installments at the beginning of each semester. If there is more than one child enrolling in the same family, there will be a discount of $10 per school year for each child from the second child on. $5 will be deducted from the tuition for each semester.


We also charge a non-refundable operation fee of $100 at the beginning of each school year.


Other fees - At the beginning of each school year, each student must pay an additional $30 for a textbook.

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